A Support Resource For You

We’re sorry you find yourself here. We would like to offer you unwavering support and time to grieve for however long you need it. Our commitment to you goes beyond the funeral service, extending into a compassionate and caring community where you can find solace and healing.

Your Grief Journey

We’re not here to tell you how to grieve. Everyone’s grief journey is different. However, in our short five-minute guides, we hope to help you feel less alone, more normal, and come away with a few tips along the way.

On this website you will also find immediate emotional support through access to guides, articles and if required, prompt access to grief professionals without a wait.

Where Are You on Your Grief Journey?

Support for days after a bereavement

Looking after yourself and being able to manage immediate expectations.

Support for funerals & the days after

What comes next, learning about self care and how to cope from day to day.

Support for the long term

 Finding meaning, peace and happiness again – adjusting to your new normal.

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If you can not find what you need, you can use the search function for the help you are looking for.

Get help from a Grief Specialist

You don’t have to grieve alone, a qualified Grief Specialist can bring you an array of professional support, including grief coaches, therapists and specialists with a wealth of expertise and shared life experiences.